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Summer 2023


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                                                                                               WELCOME to Chemistry 11 Online!!!!
Welcome To CHEM 11 online and do at home!  This course, as all summer courses are, is a fast paced course in which you will find interesting and applicable, at least I hope so!  :)

This course emphasizes the Chemistry of Every Day Life and most students are surprised at how much they enjoyed this chemistry course

Class begins on June 12 and ends on August 3.  You will not be able to access the class until June 10.  But it is IMPERATIVE that you get all the information that I will soon provide on this page and then LOG ON TO THE SHASTA ONLINE (Canvas) CLASS ON June 12!!! You have things that you need to complete.

Get the Syllabus and READ this first!!!  An internet course is more difficult for many students because it depends solely on self discipline.  You must be able to follow written directions exactly much like following a cookbook's recipe. Here is the Summer 2023 syllabus

Here is the list of items that  you will need to purchase.  The items that Shasta College provides is in a "clamshell".  Depending on the situation you can pick them up or they will be mailed to you.  The ACE office is in charge of this.  You will be contacted by them.  When you get the clamshell, please check the contents and make sure you have everything on the list.  If you are missing something contact me immediately. 

You will have to purchase a number of everyday consumer goods from general merchandise stores like Target or Walmart, from grocery stores, from hardware stores and a few things from Amazon.  Please get these materials ASAP!  Many of the items you may very well have already.  If you would have to purchase all of the items, the cost will be around $100.  You do not need to purchase a text, the lab manual is online in Canvas. I encourage working in teams of 2 which also reduces your cost.

You will also need to sign release of liability forms.  The most "dangerous" materials that you will need will be nail polish remover, borax, washing soda, vinegar and ammonia.  You will have to do "dangerous" activities such as using a blender/food process, boil water and use a 450 degree Fahrenheit oven.

The entire course is on the internet.  Unless unusual situations occur, there is no face to face component to the course.

This version of this course will be delivered over the internet using a program called Canvas.   You also must expect to spend the same amount of time on this course to what you would have spent on the face to face version of this course.  You should log onto this course everyday, check the course calendar, and make sure all of your work is up to date. You should expect to spend at least nine hours per week on this course.  Furthermore you must have sufficient self-discipline to set and adhere to your own and to the course’s timelines.  The internet version of this course is equal to or more rigorous than the face to face version.  DO NOT FALL BEHIND!!   I will do everything I can to help you.  Always remember NO FREAKING OUT!!  Freaking out is not allowed in my courses.  You just need to ask me for help.

For information on how to access your online course go to the Shasta College homepage and click on "Shasta College Online"
When you register with Admissions, you are automatically put into that course on.  To register online go to If you have problems contact admissions at 530-242-7650.  After you register, you can enroll in courses online using My Shasta available from Shasta College homepage.

To view most course documents you will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe. It is free. Get Acrobat Reader.

 This an INTERNET only course and is very different from a face to face course. It is entirely online.